Sunday, October 10, 2021

Five Minute Friday :: Complete

Open Door Coffee carry out only covid special
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Five Minute Friday • Complete Linkup

My first response to "complete" was Jesus' description of us as branches that abide or remain in him as our vine, when Jesus tells us his joy will be in us and our joy will be complete when we stay anchored in his love. Here's the complete John 15:1-17 scripture. Instead of complete, some translations read overflow or full.

Writing for five, more or less

In last week's Five Minute Friday I wrote to "Need", my header was another picture of Open Door Coffee Company. In the outro I explained, "I've collected a couple dozen public domain images of Hudson, Ohio and I've enjoyed photoshopping them. Open Door is such a cool concept for a business, church, community, eatery, or any entity. I need more open doors. I need to open my own doors wider and more often."

The top picture this week clearly happened during Covid Tide, yet during those not very long ago days it felt good and it was good to stop by a restaurant or coffee shop, choose a menu item or two or three, have a quick conversation with the masked server or cashier, and go back home with a connection to another person, a bit of hope toward a future time when we'd be able to enjoy a meal or snack or beverage inside the restaurant—or al fresco in the courtyard.

The second brightly lit corner view of Open Door is about my longing and looking toward a time my life will feel more full, will be easing toward completion, though more in a now and then sense than in a constant, enduring one. Complete will be as simple as people leaving the light on for me when they know I'll be getting home late.

Last week I wrote "I need more open doors. I need to open my own doors wider and more often." Will more doors opened wisely in both directions lead to both sides being more complete? I don't know, but I can dream.

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