Friday, October 29, 2021

Five Minute Friday :: Morning

Morning sun aginst dark sky color halftone
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My favorite time of day! And my favorite time of morning is watching and feeling sunrise glow the world – or my part of it – into hope for newness and ambition and achievement and contribution. You probably remember the resurrection account in John's gospel: While it was still dark, Mary went to Jesus' tomb and discovered the stone had been rolled away. The somber stillness of Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday is that necessary interval when nothing (apparently) happens but everything (really) happens.

Most humans have a fair amount of head knowledge, yet we truly need sensory evidence of day breaking radiance in order to gain life-transforming heart knowledge. Okay, that's about me and quite a few others, because I realize some people prefer to bask in close of day when the sky folds up another one and makes space for stars to shine.

I don't know how many sketches and drawings and paintings I've done that include morning—did I mention my favorite time of day? I've illustrated this blog with one version of one of them.

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Five Minute Friday Morning
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