Friday, November 05, 2021

Five Minute Friday :: Prayer

My God in his steadfast love will meet me. Psalm 59:10

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Prayer! That activity of heart, mind, and body that helps connect us to God. Prayer—it comes in varieties of praise, thanksgiving, petition, lament, celebration, solicitation, questioning why. When we pray and imagine we're alone, we're not really. As the apostle Paul points out, God's Spirit of Life within us shapes our prayer because as a supposedly solitary individual we don't know what to say. Then there are times we pray as we gather in the assembly of saints: prayers of the people bring the world's concerns before God's throne of grace; eucharistic prayer reconnects us to God's people and God's actions in every place and time and even carries us together into God's future.

But if I could continue a short five minutes about prayer, it would start with the Psalter. The Psalms were the Prayer Book of the Synagogue. The Psalms were the Hymn Book of John Calvin's Geneva Reform. Every single denominational and free church hymnal today includes dozens of hymns based on psalms. The psalms themselves express every possible human emotion, which makes them perfect examples of prayer. Psalms were composed to be sung in corporate worship and to be used in the prayer that's never private because the Holy Spirit always abides with us and within us.

Do you have a favorite psalm?
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  1. I do have a real fave Psalm,
    it is number 144,
    and it is just such a nice balm
    to one who has been bred for war.
    I sure did not set out for this,
    for an Uzi in my bed,
    but bereft of woman's kiss
    I took the killer oath instead,
    and usually I feel apart
    from the whole darn human race,
    but I still posses a heart,
    and, you know, I have a face
    that's usually quite grim and long,
    but has faint smile at David's Psalm.

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