Tuesday, November 30, 2021

November and Autumn summary

Lake Balboa, Mount Olive gallery, Malibu Lagoon, Advent 1
• Lake Balboa • Gallery at Mount Olive, Santa Monica
• Malibu Lagoon State Beach Entrance Sign • Advent 1 + Thanksgiving at Central

September 2021 Overview

October 2021 blog

Lectionary project for November

• After the Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox both became "also rans" in the 2021 World Series, I adopted the Atlanta Braves and what fabulous winners they were—they still are! I really surprised myself by watching every post-season game. Particularly with COVID infections continuing worldwide, I loved the diversion and – of course – the opportunity to remind myself what an outstanding model for real life the slow drama, devastating defeats and last second wins of baseball can be.

Sunday Afternoon at Lake Balboa Los Angeles
• On a Sunday afternoon excursion to Lake Balboa I got at least a dozen good pictures; these are the best of quite similar scenes.

Malibu Lagoon
• Check out the footer image for more Thanksgiving in Santa Monica! We began with interfaith worship and continued with traditional dinner served and enjoyed al fresco. I loved seeing several friends from West LA.

• After 11am dinner, my current hosts and I drove along the very long Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu Lagoon. I always love capturing creation's textures and colors.

• Back to real life worship for the first Sunday of Advent. Despite a smallish group, the atmosphere was electric! My header pic includes hopeful Advent blues and seasonal thanksgiving brights.

• Atlanta Braves logo • LA Food Bank Truck
• Program cover for Interfaith T-day Service
• Communion Table dressed with flowers and Reign of Christ frontal

Living Local 2021
• I've been Living soooo Local, google maps told me I didn't leave the LA city limits at all during September and October!

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