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The apostle Paul determined to preach only Christ and him crucified. (This is a theology blog, remember?!) My intro image is from a 5-part Whimsies series I drew long ago; I bounced the Determined 2 title off the late theologian and Snoopy cartoon creator Charles Schulz's Determined Productions company name. I'm definitely Determined 2 as in Roman numeral II – also known as a second expression of – and Determined 2 as in "2 keep going" "2 succeed" "2 be".


The outcome eventually will be determined because it's not over until it's over, but I've spent literally forever (since I was a little urban kid in the second grade, yes that long!) determining to prepare for a life of service, especially determining to beautify the inner city and help a whole lot of others to do so, too (or is that "2"?). Along with that determination I've consistently acted, making what I determine more likely than not to happen.

Given Christianity's high theology of vocation, to determine one's own destiny may sound arrogantly self-willed, yet i've done my best to listen to and heed promptings of the HS, to observe my surroundings, to ascertain my particular gifts, and even to consider other's comments and observations. Ages ago when senior pastor commented on my musical abilities and I replied "I don't have the passion for music a person needs to pursue a musical career," he replied, "You're right; you don't. Your passion is obvious—go for it!" Wisely i didn't ask what he considered my passion, though he'd sent some of my scripture-related design to a prominent artist-poet-theologian.

In the interest of bloom where you're planted scripturally expressed by Jeremiah as "seek the well-being of the place where God has sent you," with high determination I've kept on keeping on with my dream of beautifying my surroundings wherever I've found myself.

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  1. It's not over till it's over,
    it's not done until the sun
    rides into the night's hard cover;
    then we'll see who's lost and won.
    If you're standing you can walk,
    and on your knees you can still crawl,
    so do more than talk the talk;
    give your life your very all
    and perhaps you'll see a thing
    you never had expected,
    a dream to grow and then take wing
    from ashes of rejected
    failures and aborted tries,
    to meet the dawn in golden skies.


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