Monday, February 28, 2022

February 2022 :: Urban Delights

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…Winter, too:

December 2021 All Around Town

January 2022 Trippin'

• February is Valentine Month and Heart Month!

• Maybe you noticed outings and activities had started again? Suddenly because of Omicron, work and play have been crazy, so life subsided. For February's traditional emphasis, here's some city love in the form of urban beauty.

Lectionary Project for February concludes the Season of Epiphany

worship planning retreat
• Worship Planning Retreat on an early February Friday
Parking Lot Tree and Greenery
• Graceful Tree and Ground Shrub in the Parking Lot
Hope Garden
• Garden of Hope and Birdhouse Looking Out into Town
Urban Shadows
• Noontime Winter Shadows and Flowers
Living Local 2022
• Still Living Local in 2022

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