Wednesday, March 09, 2022

09 March • Promise

Promise There is a Place


Everyone has a physical place in measurable longitude and latitude, even if not a more-or-less permanent one. You need to interpret scripture (on the street?) where you live, but in order to do that you need to have some kind of place. For structural or other reasons, too many people around here lack a street address. Yet God promised Abraham both people and place. Land where they could settle. Many churches name themselves after their location, so it's First Church New Town, This Town United Church, Tenth Church of Your City.

Lenten Snapshots 2022

This is the third year of April Fiet's Lenten Snapshots. All the prompts are on the First Pres Scottsbluff website. Snapshots can be any fairly fleeting impression: photos, drawings, songs, poems, prose, lists, food—though to post food you'll need a picture. You can blog, tweet, facebook, or "other," and there's a facebook for Lenten Snapshots.

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