Tuesday, March 22, 2022

22 March • Wrong

Stand with and Pray for Ukraine twitter banner

Some of us are old enough to remember all the free world [cautiously] rejoicing at the dissolution of the USSR. Putin's undeclared war on the young democracy of Ukraine is as wrong as it gets. Let's all stand with Ukraine and pray for Ukraine.

Yellow and blue is my all-time favorite color combination. I used to call myself an "Honorary Swede" (you know—wonderfully clean, spare Scandinavian design!); I've added Honorary Ukrainian. Though I haven't done a DNA test yet, everything I can find indicates my ancestors that entered the USA through Ellis Island migrated through Western Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Poland. Shifting borders, and for sure I still have many relatives there. Prayers, please!

Lenten Snapshots 2022

You can jump into April Fiet's Lenten Snapshots any time; you can post or tweet or blog them almost anywhere. All the prompts are on the First Pres Scottsbluff website. Snapshots can be any fleeting impression: photos, drawings, songs, poems, prose, lists, food.

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