Saturday, April 30, 2022

April 2022

April Easter blog header
Stained Glass Wall
• Liturgy and Lunch on Tuesday in Holy Week in Glendale. First time there since February 2020—more than two years! These stained glass windows on the front of the building always wow me.
april pink moon
• Maundy Thursday and Good Friday marked the first two acts of the three day Triduum. A Pink Full Moon on Saturday was the first full moon after the vernal equinox; let's also call it Easter Moon. I've never had a camera that can photograph the sky, so again this time I illustrated the moon. No Easter Vigil or Sunrise this year, but the concluding act three of the Triduum on Sunday morning was splendid.
Earth Day 2022 Invest In Our Planet
• Earth Day 2022 – #InvestInOurPlanet – happened on Friday in Bright Week!
Garden Tour sign
Garden Tour 24 April
Garden Tour 24 April
Garden Tour 24 April
• On the second Sunday of Easter, April 24th, a neighbor's garden was part of the Native Plant Garden Tour sponsored by Theodore Payne nurseries. At least twice I've blogged pictures from visits to Theodore Payne and will try to find and tag them.
Living Local 2022
california poppies West Los Angeles

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