Friday, April 01, 2022

Five Minute Friday :: Coffee

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf International in Koreatown
Five Minute Friday :: Coffee Linkup

From Main Street to Wall Street, Downtown into Uptown, coffee shops – single location indie, regional ones, globe-circling chains – offer watering spots, meeting places, and work stations.

When drinking and savoring coffee first reached Europe, many considered it an antidepressant. By the time Johann Sebastian Bach [1685-1750] reached legal majority, coffee had become a ubiquitous habit with vendors absolutely everywhere. Always responsive to culture and context, that great composer who's been styled "The Fifth Evangelist" because of his devotion to Jesus and the church Jesus founded, because of the hundred plus cantatas grounded in scripture he composed for worship, simply had to write a Coffee Cantata.

Not to worry if you don't drink coffee or tea! Emporia officially called "coffee shops" all have expanded their menus with specialty lemonades, other beverages, and snacks to accompany whatever drink's your pleasure. Anyone can enjoy one as a place to linkup with friends or colleagues, to accomplish some work on a laptop (free wifi if you don't have your own), sketchbook, or notebook.

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• Header image is one of many I've taken of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlets around town; this one's in Los Angeles' ultra-international Koreatown neighborhood. Top footer icon is via google docs with full reuse rights, so I photoshopped it for impact and interest.
many cups of a large variety of coffee
five minute firday coffee cup
five minute friday icon


  1. It is nice that coffee shops offer such variety these days.

    Some even have treats for our pets.

  2. I wrote a dissertation
    in a coffee shop,
    not, perhaps, best station
    to bring it to the top
    of the pile of research stuff
    that was then produced,
    but I guess it was enough,
    and had been infused
    with hard mocha and espresso,
    with best and worst of coffee bean,
    with yeah, true, and I guess so,
    with the academic scene
    that they got real sick of me
    and gave me a PhD.

  3. I rarely go to coffee shops, typically only when I am traveling.

  4. Great photos - I loved your top one!! I have a pinterest board of cool coffee photos...I just think they are fun!!

  5. I can't believe I'd never thought of Bach's Coffee Cantata! I love coffee and I love Bach so there's really no excuse. LOL Fun post - thanks for sharing!

    Stopping by for a coffee break, from FMF#22


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