Friday, June 03, 2022

03 June :: Ideal Reader

Today's Hope Writers prompt asks what my ideal reader buys at the farmer's market and wonders why. They suggested the pronoun she; for simplicity I'll keep it.

My ideal blog reader goes to the farmer's market often, because living local is best all around. She lives at one with planet earth in the variety of fruits and veggies she buys, food vendors she enjoys, and buskers she contributes to. Her educational level likely approaches mine; her interests are parallel but far from identical. "Far from identical" is key here because I'm greedy. I need to learn new things, have new experiences, and get to know people who are different from me. When my reader buys a new to me fruit or veggie or says she'll prepare it in a way I've never done, I'll be excited to try it out. When she stops to listen to a style of music that intrigues me, I'll buy the CD if they have them for sale.

PS If my reader has a blog or other website, I'll be happy to visit it. Maybe I'll become her ideal reader?!

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June 2022

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