Friday, July 22, 2022

Five Minute Friday :: Chance

Steve Winwood Arc of a Diver front and back
Five Minute Friday :: Chance Linkup

From "While You See a Chance" by Steve Winwood

Stand up in a clear blue morning
Until you see
What can be
Alone in a cold day dawning,
Are you still free?
Can you be?

When some cold tomorrow finds you,
When some sad old dream reminds you
How the endless road unwinds you?

While you see a chance take it,
Find romance fake it
Because it's all on you

Music and lyrics: Steve Winwood, Will Jennings
Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

Life is an uncharted adventure, with surprises almost every time we take a chance to do much of anything. "Much of anything" includes getting out of bed to begin a new day. Your days well may be already scheduled with breakfast, going from home to work or school, engaging in programmed and random activities, going back home, but…

Expected and planned routines aside, this week's chance reminded me of one of my classic favorites, Steve Winwood's "While You See a Chance." Stand up in a clear blue morning is such an arresting intro to a cold day dawning, cold tomorrow, sad dream, and endless road that all feel like autumn on its way to endless winter.

The meteorological season of winter definitely will arrive, but why not take this song's advice to help enhance both chilly, windy, overcast days and our existential winter blues that dawn at any time of year? Try to see what possibly can be at any discouraging time. After all, are you still free with a degree of agency? Do you have at least a small chance of making a choice and seeing it through? Are all those "old dreams" sad, or are sad dreams only those that never came true?

Revisit your dreams, and take a chance to plan how they still can happen. The song references romance, but your dream might be your own business, an addition to your family, the career that feels like an excellent fit. "Endless road" is a frequent metaphor, but no actual highway, urban thoroughfare, or country road actually is endless, any more than life's trip is.

You've heard "fake it till you make it?!" More scripturally, let's claim Wendell's Berry's counsel to "practice resurrection." Theologically for sure it's not quite all on you or all on any of us, yet it's still up to each of us to listen for the Holy Spirit's presence and promptings, then take a chance to act upon them.

Has a song ever inspired you to take a chance with the direction of your life? Has a song ever helped you take that chance to get up and get going again?

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  1. You took a similar spin on the prompt! I love this song, and I don't know it! Thank you for sharing your wise words and the lyrics. Love to you this Saturday Morning. Cheers from my tea cup, Jennifer, FMF Neighbor

  2. I love the song, too!

    Just woke from a sad old dream
    that had the best of me,
    a part of Satan's prison-scheme,
    buy, baby, I'm still free
    to make a fresh and kicky start,
    get up, and rise above
    the burdens he'd place in my heart,
    and furnish it with love.
    I can't spring forth, but can yet limp,
    so down the road I go,
    beaming like a happy chimp,
    for I have come to know
    that when I set my heart to fly,
    it's a stick in Satan's eye

  3. Practice Resurrection! Awesome, Thank you! I do have a song that came to me at Kroger, of all places - Mother Freedom, by Bread - motivating. Great post, Blessings! (FMF#13)

  4. Great lyrics. Now off to listen to the song. Thank you for sharing and for the encouragement to take chances! (FMF #20)

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