Friday, July 15, 2022

Five Minute Friday :: Propose

Five Minute Friday :: Propose Linkup

Propose is an excellent prompt to continue celebrating this blog's twenty (20) year blogoversary. "Continue"? I mentioned it in last week's FMF; tomorrow, Saturday 16th July is the actual day. Two decades is such a milestone I plan to keep on keepin' on celebrating at least through the summer.

Two decades ago I proposed to myself starting an online journal, web-log, or blog because blogging suddenly was the thing to do. After an unspecified period of relative quietness, having "a site where you write" has become popular again, though current blogs have a wider style and content range. Desert spirit's fire – my "main blog" together with the mostly lectionary-focused Urban Wilderness / City Paradise – has evolved (from I don't even remember the original subtitle) into Theology – Ecology – Liturgy – Life, the exact subjects I've been about nearly forever.

Propose is nicely flexible as it can refer to an offer to spend a covenanted lifetime together, a formal document to solicit funding and support for an endeavor, a suggestion we break for lunch at the nearby taquería or food cart. What else? "Propose" requires a response of agree or decline!

During summer 2002 I proposed to myself it was time to begin my second official online presence and I responded to myself with a blog. My first had happened two summers earlier with a website about the city and cities as one of msn's now defunct pages. Back then both internet growth and the start of a new millennium made creating a website feel freshly exciting, but by summer 2002 the USA was close to one year post the 911 event that had changed history. And now I propose? Lunchtime!

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  1. Happy 20-Year Blogoversary! ~Lisa, FMF #2

  2. Happy anniversary! Congrats on all the hard work and dedication. Blessings! (FMF#13)

  3. By the way, I love the look of your website. Beautiful!

  4. Congratulations!

    Years ago I thought The Blog
    was a science fiction horror movie
    'bout a critter roaming through the fog
    and eating those who acted groovy,
    but I have learned a lot since then,
    that 'web-log' is a writing thing
    done without paper or pen,
    and so I thought that I might bring
    what wisdom I have to the table
    (best no laughing as you drink!);
    still, I offer what I'm able
    when coherently I think
    about life and about the world,
    and...ooh, hey, look, there goes a SQUIRREL!

  5. Happy Blog-o-versary!! The blogosphere has changed quite a bit in twenty years, hasn't it? I like your reminder that "propose" requires a response. Good to think on.
    Visiting from FMF#15

  6. enjoy your blogoversary FMF18


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