Saturday, July 16, 2022

Twenty Years!

desert spirit's fire 2002-2022
For this main twenty-year blogoversary reflection, though I could start at the beginning with "why a blog" and some of the titles I considered along with this one that won because it felt fun and included "desert," this blog has decompensated in so many ways there's little to say.

At first I imagined a blogoversary header image I could use as the footer for most posts during this anniversary year, but after wondering what pictures of the desert or the city would express its zeitgeist, despite the group of four naturals being local and among my most recent faves, they don't characterize desert spirit's fire! at any stage along the way.

How about a summary rundown of the types of posts I've done? Maybe one favorite or best from each year? My fave tags? Nah…

Thanks for visiting and supporting this crazy endeavor. Peace, hope, and joy be with you!

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living local 2022

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