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During the daily blog challenge in October 2017 I wrote about the North End of Boston. My series title was 31 Days of Celebrating Place—I'm linking to it today because the pictures are so good! I still want to create an eBook; right now (still) about a third are ready to go; another third need very minor editing; a third need more details. Having said that, here's my actual intro:

Technically? A show is something you can see. You can put on a show; you can show up for events, for people, for yourself. Shows and showing aren't invisible. Because of my rooftop memories, in my Boston blog I mentioned Carole King and Gerry Goffin's "Up On the Roof" that many famous artists have covered. Do you happen to know if it's a karaoke favorite? Since I first saw and heard him sing it on Sesame Street, James Taylor's version has been my favorite.

I'll climb way up to the top of the stairs
and all my cares just drift right into space.
On the roof, it's peaceful as can be
and there the world below don't bother me.
And at night the stars, they put on a show for free.
You got the stars above and the city lights below…


We can see a show because it shows or reveals itself to us. If music is the main feature, we usually call it a concert. But any TV show is more than visual; every TV show includes some kind of sound, whether talk or music. Besides, whether a psychedelic era tribute band or a symphony orchestra, the musicians' appearance or show is an important part of the overall effect.

My header pic shows a hibiscus as an icon of the glorious shows God's creation gives us. A calm shoreside ocean or the sea in turmoil (sound up!). A field of flowers. Herds of horses, northern lights. A sprout showing green as it pops through an urban sidewalk. Starkly beautiful frozen prairie. The night stars above that put on a show for free from Up On the Roof the song! A list is next to useless because all of them are wonderful; each is essential.

To a limited extent, all of creation's shows are free of cost to us because they don't charge admission, yet we need to restore what's declined or in danger of extinction and lovingly care for everything that's thriving.

Which of creation's shows do you think just might be your faves? Or is the question impossible to answer?

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  1. Cancer really got me down
    until the day I came to know
    that I can be a dancing clown
    in my life's own bigtop show.
    I put on the floppy shoes,
    the ones that went way past my toes,
    a painted smile to chase the blues,
    big buttons and a bright red nose,
    and then I cartwheeled to the lights,
    right on past the ringmaster
    (to whom I gave the shakes and frights)
    and turned my days from their disaster
    to a frothy entertainment
    in centre ring of circus tent.

  2. The shows I most appreciate are the unexpected. Like when you are on a walk and suddenly come across a beautiful hidden pond, or a vista, or spot a gorgeous flower.

  3. God's creation really is full of glorious shows.


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