Wednesday, September 28, 2022

A Pebble in the Pond

Pebble in the Pond

Paul Howard's brand-new documentary, A Pebble in the Pond reminds us how tiny actions sometimes create far-reaching ripples. In Paul's film, historical highlights and present-day needs converge to inspire and motivate any of us who yearn to impact our communities.

Beginning in the late nineteenth century with Anne Hancock Banning, the charitable child and youth-focused Assistance League has grown to more than 22,000 members in 120 active chapters across the USA. Operation School Bell has become the Assistance League's signature program, with each chapter required to have an Operation School Bell.

Transforming Lives • Strengthening Community, the Assistance League helps youngsters who are low income, occasionally homeless, sometimes in foster care. "Assistance" includes clothing, school supplies, books, medical-dental, social and recreational activities. All my life I've observed government agencies and corporate grants accomplishing what individuals and small local entities simply cannot, but no endeavor is able to reach everyone, and even more critically, deploying government aid often takes so long that urgent needs become hard to overcome crises.

Although females have overwhelmingly fueled Assistance League development and growth, older youth through quite mature men also participate in its initiatives. A Pebble in the Pond shows an impressive amount of paying it forward by previous recipients of the charity's generosity. Assistance League is a favorite connection for people in the Hollywood film industry; many studios, actors, directors, and producers contribute dollars, in-kind, and – most importantly – time.

Are you ready to create ripples? You might check out multi-service agencies, churches, and schools around your neighborhood. If cats and dogs, wildlife, or rivers and streams capture your heart, related organizations have a place for you. You can find opportunities that engage your expertise, some that will teach you what you need to know, others that require certain attributes, such as being able to lift a certain weight or speak-interpret a particular language. As important as financial contributions always are, the gift of your time really generate life! Only a couple hours to spare each week? That adds up to a substantial hundred hours every year, so go for it!

And did you know charis, the Greek root of charity, means "grace"?

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