Friday, September 16, 2022

Five Minute Friday :: Spontaneous

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Five Minute Friday :: Spontaneous Linkup


From this creative who's been known to surprise other people and myself that I can be so locked-in, close to inert, and un-spontaneous as often as I can be spontaneous and open to almost any "let's do it now, go there right now, let's not wait," this time I won't write directly to the one word prompt.

I love the colors, energy, and content of Kate's illustration for spontaneous. By the way, last I knew, she usually or maybe almost always got her photos from unsplash. I really don't know how common it is, but back in the early grades we sometimes got to write from a photo prompt; that's what I'm doing today.

The Picture

Recently I've claimed a faded memory and turned it into a current dream—a day in the life of a city. Oh, it's true I currently live in a diverse, densely populated section of the second largest city in the USA. And in the past I've lived and worked in stereotypical (is there such a thing?) inner city neighborhoods with easy enough access to downtown, but more recently it hasn't been possible to easily get to the center of urban activities from anywhere I've resided.

I long for Uptown-Downtown, the Central Business District, the Financial Sector, Urban Shopping, Snack Stands and Flower Carts. I feel the city waking up before daybreak and slowly coming to life as the world gets light. Street cleaners, supply vendors, delivery trucks, every variety of office and retail workers. Tourists.Shoppers. People with appointments.

Most don't live within a reasonable walking distance; how do they get there? A few may drive their own vehicles, but do you know how expansive parking can be? Many arrive by subway, a handful in city buses or via rideshare from an app. I don't know how common it is to taxicab into the city from an outlying area or suburb, but once you're there, a big yellow taxi is absolutely the best way to get from this spot to that one.

Can that dream come true? Or, how can the dream come to life?

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1 comment:

  1. Never was a city dweller,
    that's one thing you just can't force;
    I'm a Stetson-hatted feller
    who'd as soon commute by horse
    from a place way back of yonder
    where the sage is growing tall,
    and I'm caught up in the wonder
    and the beauty of it all.
    I don't doubt that there are cities
    that make some folks' dreams come true,
    and perhaps among life's pities
    is that I haven't got a clue
    about the better parts of urban living,
    and the boons it could be giving.


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